Art Scholl Memorial/Rialto Municipal Airport (formerly Miro Field) is a non-towered field located just northeast of Ontario, California. I have been flying from Rialto/L67 for only about six months, but get the feeling that it is not as busy now as in the past. There have been many lovely, calm, clear Saturday mornings that I’ve had the place to myself. At the same time, I can hop over to Redlands and find at least two or three other planes and helicopters lined up in the traffic pattern.

As it turns out, several years ago, the “Renaissance Rialto” plan proposed to shut down the Rialto airport, move tenants to other Inland Empire airports (San Bernardino, in particular), and replace the field with mixed-use housing and business opportunities.

Once the plan was adopted, the city started taking the necessary steps to close the airport and tenants began deciding their fates. In fact, one of the flight schools sold its fleet and chose to exit the training business rather than relocate.

In the meantime, the economy collapsed, redevelopment agencies were defunded, and closure plans were postponed. Presently, there are flight instruction and rental aircraft services, but they are not as formal as before the plan was introduced. Self-serve avgas is still available at all times, though.

The city indicates that the plan will still be enacted once development demand increases, but I suspect this may still be years in the future. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the quiet.