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I just returned from the 24th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Women in Aviation, International, admits both women and men who have some connection to aviation.

Last year, my first time to the conference, I thought it was a bit odd that there were men among the 3,000+ attendees, particularly that there were several men who won scholarships. This year, I was shocked at their increased numbers, and the seas of young men in black suits carrying their resumes. Apparently, the word got out that airlines are hiring and this event was a “job fair.” One pilot I spoke with said he waited 3.5 hours in the line for a 3-minute group interview with United. With this kind of interest, he said the major airlines were looking for 5,000 hours total and 1,000 PIC turbine just to be competitive!

(All of this makes me glad I fly for recreation.)